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Obama On Abortion: "It's Above My Pay Grade."

So's the Presidency.

To get a real feel of how incredibly inexperienced Barack Hussein "No Middle Name" Obama is, click over to Gateway Pundit for an eye-opening video from the Saddleback Faith Forum. Another clip shows Obama's inability to even answer direct questions.

It is no wonder Obama has consistently avoided town hall style debates in this election. He gives new meaning to the phrase "middle of the road".

[Update: Dr.Bobbi anne White links us to this video, in which Obama "clarifies" some of his Saddleback Faith Forum comments on abortion.]



#1 Dr.Bobbi anne White 17-Aug-2008
rick warren knew he lied and interviewed him after the forum
here's the video
#2 DMartyr 17-Aug-2008
I wonder if Obama defines "change" as flip-flopping back and forth?

I think so. It's scary that Obama, a man who cannot string two sentences together without later having to 'clarify' what he really meant, might soon hold the most critical and important position on earth.
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