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Goodwill Dupes: Israel To Release 200 More Terrorists For Nothing In Return

It's no wonder Palestinian terrorists continue to push for undeserved concessions at the expense of innocent civilians. Why shouldn't they? Under Olmert's leadership, Israel continues to grovel at terrorists' feet for the slightest nod of recognition.

JERUSALEM — Israel's Cabinet on Sunday approved the release of some 200 Palestinian prisoners as a goodwill gesture to the Palestinian government of moderate President Mahmoud Abbas.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Cabinet passed the proposal 16-4. Earlier this month, Olmert told Abbas he would free some of the 9,000 Palestinians held by Israel to help energize peace talks.

What the hell is wrong with Israel? How many more times are they going to cater to the whims of the Palestinians before they realize what every reasonable person already knows - ISLAMIC TERRORISTS CANNOT BE TRUSTED! They will never honor peace treaties. They follow a maniac who taught them all too well that lying and deceiving an enemy is a VIRTUE!

No decent human being should be sacrificed to these 7th century barbarians, but it seems Olmert is more than willing to trade Israel blood to hear only more lies from Palestinian terrorists.



#1 Cletus 17-Aug-2008
They should execute every pali terrorist they caoture, man woman or child. Then they can go ahead and give back the bodies which won't pose a threat to anybody
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