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Question: If Someone Pokes An Angry Bear With A Stick, Do They Deserve To Be Mauled?

The Russia - Georgia conflict clarified, from the Washington Post:

The Georgian leadership took steps, sometimes against the advice of its allies, sometimes without telling them, that accelerated the advance to a war in which Georgia could never prevail, according to a U.S. account. But the key question -- who finally triggered full conflict? -- remains in dispute. The Georgians said they staged their offensive only after Russian troops began streaming into South Ossetia and the Russians saying they advanced only after the Georgians began attacking South Ossetia's capital, Tskhinvali.

The Kremlin, long angry over Georgia's close ties with the United States and Western Europe, may have been itching for a fight, as Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has long insisted. If so, Saakashvili facilitated the lopsided matchup. Some Western officials say that although he faced clear provocations, he was reckless. "If it was a trap, and there's good reason to think it was, he walked right into it," one Western diplomat said, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

In Georgia, popular anger against Russia remains high, and Saakashvili has yet to be called to account for the decision to assault Tskhinvali, a small city in which thousands of civilians were forced into their cellars by shelling.

Russian officials say 2,000 people died in Tskhinvali. That figure has been described as inflated by human rights groups. But there unquestionably was a large toll of civilian deaths and injuries, which has outraged Russia and shocked Georgia's Western allies.

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#1 Anonymous 17-Aug-2008
Russia is mad that Georgia is trying to go it's own way in life, make new friends and determine it's own destiny. If Georgia exercising it's right to self determination is "provoking Russia", well that's just too bad for Russia.
#2 busywolf 18-Aug-2008
Let's not forget that Russia are the grand masters of propaganda, wrestling Nazi Germany for supremacy in the field. Let us not forget that the Russians invented the Palestinian nation and advised them and the rest of the Arab League on how to best besmirch Israel.
Now Georgia is being "credited" with what IDF "did" in Jenin: unspeakable atrocities including crushing fleeing civilians under their tanks' catterpillars.
Besides, Putin is a former KGB hot shot, Medvedev is his puppet, and Russia stands to gain most from this conflict.
One more thing: I grew up in a communist country - there is nothing, absolutely nothing the Russian soldier would not do. They are capable of anything and would crush anyone opposing them like you (or I for that matter) would crush a lice under our nails. As we speak, they are looting the toilets/WC bowls from Georgian army bases.
If there was a trap, I think it was meant for the West, the same type of diversion as Nazi Germany used in order to invade Poland (the attack on the Gleiwitz radio station.
As I am writing this, I seem to recall that the events in Chechnya were also staged by the Russians - they invented some terrorist attacks (or maybe carried them out themselves, then they blamed them on the Chechens in order to justify unleashing all hell on the hapless republic.
#3 busywolf 18-Aug-2008
sorry for not using the preview button. Meant to say crush a louse under our fingernails.
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