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CNN: 'Scuse Our Mess!

Bob Owens caught CNN with their pants asunder yesterday:

Update: Interesting. After two hours of commenters blaming ignorant/racists/morons/Republicans/Hillary Clinton fans/Southerners/rednecks/anti-black/Fox News/Rush Limbaugh and white people in general, CNN shut down comments on their story at 6:45 PM, just two minutes after "hollowpoint" posted:


Given the nature of this election, don't even try to make the excuse that it wasn't relevant, or that the story as presented doesn't create a false impression of the man arrested.
Sometime later—perhaps the 8:19PM update now showing—CNN finally posted the entire story, including the threats made by the suspect against President Bush.

After 3-4 hours of letting half-truths percolate to establish the narrative, CNN then they filled in the rest of the story, after the damage was done.

The selective omission by the "news" network led to a long and truly predictable thread of vitriolic comments [linkfail fixed] aimed at we hateful right-wingers all across the land, blaming us for our racist hatred of the nation's second* black president.

Finally, after 4 hours of sitting around, somebody at CNN noticed that the story was, well, somewhat "incomplete," and the story got re-edited to include the fact that our "racist" would-be assassin just happened to also threaten George W. Bush.

Ah, if only things were so simple. Recall that pile of vitriol I mentioned?

Yeah... That thread "accidentally" didn't make it to the updated story.

This is what "fair and balanced" coverage is... for Stalinists.

* What? You forgot about the first one already?


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