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John Edwards: I Did It

... but I didn't do it.

Ah, to be in the party of morality, virtue, and lying through your teeth.

(I still say the Enquirer photos are fake, though!)



#1 DMartyr 08-Aug-2008
What a scumbag, do this crap with his wife dying of cancer. How low can a man get?

It disgusts me.
#2 Simpatico 08-Aug-2008
I agree, to cheat on his wife while she was so ill and raising his family? That's awful!

At least when McCain cheated on his ill wife, the one who raised his family and waited for him while he was singing to the Viet Cong, it was with a wealthy heiress who could fund his political career! That had to have made her feel better.
#3 Cletus 09-Aug-2008
Even Anderson Cooper called him an unbelievably egotistical, narcissistic prick
#4 Cletus 09-Aug-2008

Nice try faggot. McCain hasn't cheated on shit

go back 2 moveon
#5 jimzinsocal 10-Aug-2008
Agree Brian. The pics leave alot to be desired. But who knows. I suspect the Enquirer wouldnt ruin a relatively good story with fakes.
I understand they have more stuff on the way...
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