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Best Protester, Evar

Seriously, this guy is absolutely going to give Islamic Rage Boy a run for his money. Especially when you figure out what this genius used to make his mask!

First, look at [Photo 1], and see if you can figure it out.

Answer [here], whenever you're ready for it.

And believe me, you'll never be ready!

  #Rage Boy Sightings


#1 MJ 12-Aug-2008
#2 Conservative Belle 12-Aug-2008
What? No "Hello Kitty"? Pfftttt.
#3 Cletus 12-Aug-2008
ahahahaha wapanese fag
#4 Skul 12-Aug-2008
Next week..."Pikachu".
"Hello Kitty" comes in two weeks, CB.
#5 captainfish 13-Aug-2008

Is this the kinder, gentler terrorist?

Or is this one of the shows for the kid's channel there? Cartoon-Terrorist Network.

You think his friends will make fun of him at the local bar? Will they say that he couldn't go outside and march for world terror looking like that? So she fixed his mask for him to look sweeter?
#6 SkyePuppy 13-Aug-2008
I was close. I guessed Power Puff Girls.
#7 Lawrence 13-Aug-2008
Urban Camouflage.
#8 sh007r 13-Aug-2008
He probably beat it off of his little sister....
#9 Smooth 13-Aug-2008
#10 Arvind 19-Aug-2008
Guess what? That IS Rage Boy!
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