The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Extreme Kindergarten

You've got to hand it to Hamas militants—They have a certain knack for living every 5-year-old boy's dream.

More: 1, 2.

Update: Looks like someone has passed with flying colors in overacting class.

Haha, crud—Thanks to DM for pointing out my faux pas. The "overacting" link above was being saved for a different story. This is what I was really referring to here.

Can you feel his extreme jihadist angst?



#1 DMartyr 12-Aug-2008
Israel knows where these camps are. They should give the trainees some experience in bombing raids.
#2 DMartyr 13-Aug-2008
You linked it correctly, Brian!

It was my mis-worded hat tip that was wrong. I was checking out your images when I saw the 'hot sand' image in the sidebar. I would not have found my image had it not been for your link.

Sorry about that!
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