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Another WTF? Post

Forget the Infidel Grandma's rheumatism medicine! The religion of perpetual ignorance has the cure you need! Camel urine and hot sand will heal all that ails you!

(I guess I can give a Hat Tip to Brian for linking the picture in the last post!)



#1 Kevin 12-Aug-2008
I hate to break it to you, but camel urine DOES cure many child illnesses. Just let them know in advance that if they get sick, they have to drink a cup of it.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 12-Aug-2008
Hehehe, oops. There I go, getting my links all mixed up and stuff!

Thanks for catching that, DM. I promise to stop hitting the proverbial "hooch," even though I don't recall actually "hitting" any today. ;)

#3 DMartyr 13-Aug-2008
No, my bad, Brian. What I meant to say is that the picture you (correctly) linked had the above image in a sidebar.

So the hat tip goes to you, since I never would have found this image had I not been checking out your imagies.

#4 busywolf 13-Aug-2008
I don't know whether camel urine can cure diseases. But I agree with Kevin. Let them drink not one, but three cups per day every day, and stay buried in hot sand for as long as they wish. If they grow thirsty and ask for a drink, let them have more camel urine.
I am sure that if this doesn't solve their problems, it will solve ours.
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