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Microsoft is Awesome™

I deal with Microsoft Office on a regular basis, thanks to my requisite "documentation" that needs to be performed at "work." So, when I read on my trusty Mac blog that Office 2008 has been updated, I immediately launched the installer to get the latest bugfixes, and hopefully get something closer to a final product.

Yeah... I probably knew I should've expected something like this:

Hmmm... You sure about that?

This error message would have been somewhat more amusing if it hadn't been generated by a program launched by the Microsoft Office Updater... Which one would imagine could be used as a clue by the installer to find out that, well, Office 2008 is installed on this computer.

Ah, the joys of watching a miserable failure of a company sink even deeper... into excellence!Update: It's just as I suspected—Microsoft seems to have some "slight" problems with the production quality of their installation packages:

Heh, it's not like I actually wanted to do anything with that silly 12.1.2 update or anything!



#1 captainfish 13-Aug-2008
Mac? There's your problem. teehee

love this statement: "Meanwhile, Excel should now open spreadsheet files that contain invalid characters..."

There's something to upgrade to. Wonder if you will still have random bold characters in Word?

Maybe we should tax their excess profits. That will teach them.
#2 Gordon 13-Aug-2008
Welcome to my Hell. I cannot install any service packs on my PC version of Office because during install, I declined to install some bs "accessory".

Every time I try to update the software it failed because it cannot find this optional software.

I guess you're supposed to never select the "let me choose" option.
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