The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Welcome to the USSR!!

And I say Welcome! Welcome to the US version of the USSR where Totalitarian Police States are growing and growing.

A plan to improve anti-terrorism security in New York City could mean that all vehicles entering Manhattan would be subject to a license plate photographing by the city’s police department...

The NYPD hopes to have the plan — dubbed ‘Operation Sentinel’ — in place by 2010...

Under the current proposal, the city would spend millions on the overhaul, which would involve the creation of mobile teams of heavily armed officers and the installment of license plate readers, closed-circuit television cameras, radiation detectors at bridges and tunnels and explosive-trace detection systems...

In addition, about a dozen guard booths would be placed on street corners near areas of high pedestrian and vehicle traffic...

Really? Is this really the way we want to live? This is like some scifi movie. I am in stunned disbelief.

Now? Now the ACLU is silent? As a side note: Went to my son's Jr. High school's Open House for new enrollees. I purchased the mandatory and revenue-generating "planner" book for his classes. This is basically a notebook for rules, schedules, and a calendar for supposedly writing in important class information. (these are 8th graders, right?) A brief perusal of this city-produced educational material was enlightening. While there are the standard American holiday like 4th of July, I noticed some new ones that were highlighted as well. It would seem that we now must begin to honor Mexican and Muslim ones as well.

Tomorrow I will add some of the most honored festivals and holidays that my city felt was necessary for these kids to know.



#1 petrossa 14-Aug-2008
The Dutch laugh at this, they have such a system already installed for about 10 years. Recently they added electronic licenseplate readers to covert policecars. Each and every car is scanned, put through the totally interconnected personal information database and in a few seconds the officer will know where your mistress lives and where/when you drove your car the last time(s). In case of a minor traffic infraction the fine comes 3 days later in by mail. In case they want to harass someone your stopped, better have a toothbrush in your glovecompartment at all times.

Lastly the IRS did one of their blackmoney stings. They just put all the waterconsumption bills in a computer, which spat out all excessive waterusage families. They did a housecall on each, caught almost all hairdressers operating from their home..

Lastly, they introduced the BSN a number which gives total access to all databases, from medical to school, from military to police, from socsec to taxrecords. 1 number, one press on the button, your life is laid bare.

Dont complain, US is a dream of personal freedom.
#2 petrossa 14-Aug-2008
did i mention the garbagecontainers with microprocessors which weigh your container and if the weight exceeds your allotted quota the bill is automatically send when the garbagetruck reads the output of your chip.

Or the speedportals? A photo when you enter a stretch of highway, a photo when you quit. The computer calculates your average speed and sends you your fine. Excess of 1.5 miles gets your about $40.

Or the very very best? Soon you are obligated by law to have a gps tracking device in your car which measures the distance you travelled on which roads and sends you the bill monthly for roadtoll.
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