The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Et Tu, FoxNews?

First CNN defiantly avoids mentioning the dreaded "m" word or the "i" word in their recent report on "honor" killings.

But now FoxNews has fallen in the same politically correct trap...

A few steps away in this popular beauty salon, Urooj Akbar diligently trims, cleans and paints clients' fingernails. Her face, severely scarred from the blaze that burned some 70 percent of her body, is somber. It's hard to tell if she's sad or if it's just the way she now looks.

Liaqat and Akbar are among Pakistan's many female victims of arson and acid attacks. Such tales tend to involve a spurned or crazy lover and end in a life of despair and seclusion for the woman.

Go ahead. Try and find the word "muslim" or "islam" in this entire heart-breaking article.


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