The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

"Ground Zero Ocean"

Anyone know the origins of this brilliance? (DMartyr, I'm looking over in your direction...)

Redecorating the globe, one continent at a time.

(h/t Bash)



#1 captainfish 19-Aug-2008

Dream, Dream, Dream. Just think of all that new area for coral and fisheries to grow and thrive. That might even allow the deserts to bloom due to a change in weather patterns.
#2 DMartyr 19-Aug-2008
Lol, I wish I could take credit, but it isn't my inspiration.

#3 Robin_Shadowes 30-Jan-2009
I had this pic on my hd but lost it when I reinstalled my OS some months ago. Now suddenly it occurred to me that it could be worth trying to google it and so I found my way here! Thanks, I really like this pic! May it come true one day. LOL
#4 Anonymous 06-Dec-2010
heh heh
#5 Anonymous 16-Jun-2011
That's my picture ^^
Made it about 5 years ago.
I just did the picture. The motivational poster versions of this has been added by somebody else
#6 Brian L. 16-Jun-2011

That's awesome! You have a website you want to plug? I'd love to send traffic your way as a "thank you" for being so creative!

#7 Anonymous 17-Jun-2011
Thanks for the offer Brian but I've got nothing fitting to connect with this.

Just hope the muslim fanatics grow out of their Dark Ages soon, but I'm not holding my breath.


Btw, here's a shop I did after Bin Laden was killed:
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