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Pack Photography in Georgia?

Lightstalker Robert Goddyn seems to have caught three photojournalists covering the war in Georgia participating in a bit of what I like to call "pack photography." He lays out his evidence here, but for your reference, compare:

[Joao Silva/NYT] [Bruno Stevens/Cosmos] [Jan Grarup/NOORimages]

I've covered this topic briefly a couple of times in the past.

While it's true that each of these photographs would stand out by itself, the fact that three photographers each published what is essentially the same frame, to me, cheapens the news services provided by their respective employers. Are we really providing a value to the "news" consumer by publishing the same thing as everyone else (ala Walmart)?

Or, on the other hand, is this merely a side-effect of having so many professional photographers on the scene to cover any given conflict in the modern era?

Incidentally, in the examples provided above, I'm of the opinion that Bruno Stevens, as usual, is in a league all his own.

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