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Morning Fan Mail

Gee, I can't imagine for the life of my why this particular reader, who hails from the peaceful enclave of Islamabad, Pakistan, would be too shy to sign his name to this masterpiece:

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f**k u all above..... a**holes... have u eva seen ur faces in mirror.All u jews n Chirtans f**k u

Islam Zindabad

I would be mad at this, but I'm stuck trying to figure out what a Chirtan is. So instead, I will do what I always do:

Laugh quietly into my bowl of Cheerios.




#1 DMartyr 19-Aug-2008

At first I thought that might have been for me, but I'm an Atheist.

So, I'm still batting .000 when it comes to soliciting hate mail. :(
#2 Kevin 19-Aug-2008
DMartyr is an Atherkist! That's worse than a chirtan, if I'm not mistaken.
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