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Islamic Conspiracy #418

So, I'm sitting here eating a Wendy's burger for breakfast (Yes, a burger. I bought it last night but didn't eat it then) and, as I'm tossing the bag in the trash, I noticed something odd:

(close up of Wendy's bag)

Islamic flag

I know exactly what you're thinking:

"WTF?! Is that an Islamic symbol right on the front of the bag?! Why, this is a slap in the face to Infidels EVERYWHERE! I'm never eating another Wendy's product again! Don't those scumbag corporate dhimmi appeasers know that sweet little innocent Wendy would be some old geezer's SLAVE WIFE under Islamic law, just like the pedophile profit (sic) made little 9 year old Aisha?! They can take their 'Hot Stuffed Bacon and Cheese Baked Potatoes' and stuff them where the crescent moon doesn't shine!"

Or something like that....

What next? Wendy in a burka?

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#1 Yishai 19-Aug-2008
It could be a diss to the hypersensitive Islamists. Imagine wrapping up a bacon cheeseburger with their flag. Forget the Wendy's angle - watch out! Wendy's is gonna get their a$$ sued for insulting Islam!

p.s., it's also the official flag of Turkey:
#2 Jewels 19-Aug-2008

It's just a moon and star to illustrate the text about night-time fresh cheeseburgers.

(HA! Bacon wrapped cheeseburger! ;oD )
#3 najeeb ibn alhassan 17-Apr-2010
if u judged this as an Islamic conspiracy then u r wrong .. do u wanna judge the moon when become a crescent as an Islamic conspiracy ??
try to be open minded ...things does not goes like this .
alsalam alikum (( peace be upon u ))
#4 d 19-Aug-2010
Everytime you look at it, Allah seduces you to convert to Islam /s

Or maybe it's just a star and the moon.
#5 Gogh 19-Aug-2010
Why don't you all say a Turkish conspiracy??? Turk were Muslims in the first place... they are only dressed in Muslim cloth's... They remain mongols.
#6 Karl Cantrell 25-Aug-2010
In refutation to "Najeeb ibn alhassan..."things does goes like this!" The islamic world is doing everything it can to invade our country. If only we knew the measures that are being taken to destroy the "infidels" we would be in total shock. Thanks for posting this. I never ate at Wendy's just because their food is stanky. Definitely won't eat there now. If you want to be a one somewhere else. Just make sure you stay away from any large buildings on your way out.
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