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Leave it to Israel to come up with the most inventive methods of crowd dispersal!

Human rights activists to protest in 3... 2... 1...

Israeli Police Unleash Putrid 'Skunk' Gas on Protesters

Palestinian protesters massed at a fence expected tear gas and rubber bullets; what they got instead was a putrid yellow wind, Israel's newest weapon against West Bank demonstrators.

The noxious mist, which Israeli police refer to as "skunk," was used for the first time earlier this month, when a truck-mounted cannon sprayed it over the heads of protesters, sending them racing down the hillside, retching and tearing off their shirts to try to escape the stench.


The Israeli border police called on them to disperse through loudspeakers, warning them they were near a "closed military zone."

Then the skunk truck arrived, spraying a cloud of yellow mist and filling the air with the suffocating stench of feces and urine.

Personally, I would have gone with the scent of female pigs in heat, immediately followed by the release of a hundred angry boars. But that's just me...



#1 Cletus 19-Aug-2008
I bet the usual suspects will find some reason to call this a violation of "human rights" (although to violate human rights you have to be dealing with humans, and the pali's have proven themselves inhuman time and time again)
#2 captainfish 22-Aug-2008
Only way to deal with animals is direct frontal attacks.

I would even push for a staining agent that would turn their skins yellow.
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