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A Glamorous Vacation Idea

I have a feeling I know where Brian and Rooster are going to be for their next vacation. In fact, after what Brian has been going through with Oracle at work (sheer joy), I image he will be purchasing his tickets to this fine outstanding event real, real soon.

A New Zealand court has allowed a parade of topless porn stars on motor bikes to proceed on the main street of the country's biggest city, local media said Tuesday.

Auckland City Council had sought a court injunction to stop the "Boobs on Bikes" parade, scheduled for Wednesday, saying it breached a bylaw banning offensive public events.

But Judge Nicola Mathers said while opponents may find the parade offensive or tasteless, the fact that 80,000 people had gathered for a similar event last year meant a significant number of people did not agree with the critics...

Though, judging by the people that tend to participate in these kinds of events, the scenery might make you go blind through sheer horror.



#1 Cletus 20-Aug-2008
Other than the porn stars, they will all be greasy porn managers, sweaty gays and hairy dykes. too much negative outweighs the positive
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 20-Aug-2008
Heh... I don't know why, but when I read this on the newswire, the first images that came to mind were more along the "Breasts, Not Bombs" crowd.

Google it [NSFW] if you're not familiar. It'll put a cold chill down your spine.

#3 captainfish 20-Aug-2008

yeah, but, the people attending such events that Zombie "loves" to attend are typically much more hideous that can be found on a porn set.

Still think it matches your skill set.
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