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Failpandering in the Old Dominion

I'm sure that the "genius" reporter from CBS NEWS is to blame for this, but the attempt at pandering is rather funny in and of itself, too:

(MARTINSVILLE, Va.) Would you vote for your cousin if he or she ran for president? Barack Obama hopes so.

Today, he told a small group of supporters in Virginia that he may be related to them.

While describing his family’s background, he said, “You trace back my family on my mother’s side: Scots Irish. There are a whole bunch of those folks here in Virginia,” he said. “All right. So ya'll didn't know, but we may be cousins.”

"Ya'll?" What the heck kinda language is that?

More importantly, when can we expect an EPIC video of Obama a la Clinton to be released?

Update: Upon further reflection, it's occurred to me that this spelling just might be intentional. As in, perhaps Our World's Annointed President was using a bit of his masterful German to make his point.



#1 captainfish 22-Aug-2008
for you Yankees, we people of the south have that word combo as a major staple of communication. Except, we don't use the apostrophe. to us, it's just yall.

for those that insist upon an apostrophe, we will even accept y'all.

Only the elitist southern-wanna-bes put it as ya'll.


For me, I just find it ironic that this man will "try" and sound like that. I bet he never even heard that word before now. Has he ever used a conjunction before? And, I bet the Virginians were sick to their stomach when he told them that they might be cousins. I know I would.
#2 Anonymous 23-Aug-2008
"More importantly, when can we expect an EPIC video of Obama a la Clinton to be released?"

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