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On the Higher Education Moneymaking Machine

The billion-dollar "Liberal-Unintelligence Complex," if I may use a play on that age old bogeyman.

Consider this wonderful case of selectively "unselective" admissions, in which a Christian seminary waxes poetic on accepting a Muslim student onto its all-Christian campus:

"My prayer is that having Salih on campus will help deepen the Christian faith of our other students and that his faith will also deepen [Ed.:—i.e., his faith in Islam will be deepened... at a "Christian" university] as a result of his immersion experience within an unapologetically Christian community," said the Rev. Robin Gulick, interreligious officer of the Center for ******** ********** Studies. "I believe this will result on both ends from the informal dialogue and conversation that will take place during his residency here."

Can you guess which denomination's seminary this is, without clicking through to the full article first?

(I'm betting on "yes," incidentally.)Ye Answer: As Saint so helpfully points out:

Why of course. It's an American Episcopalian seminary after all.

Of course. Who would've expected otherwise?

Update: Heh, I forgot to redact some helpful "hints" from the text. Zoink!



#1 captainfish 22-Aug-2008
What, nothing wrong with being progressive and open to other opinions within your seminary school. Nothing wrong with adjusting your faith principles to the changing times and the views of minority belief systems (i.e.. cults).

Gee, Brian, you are not very multicultural are you. If you can't believe that every religion is based on the same belief system and are based on common principles, then you are wholly self-imposed ignorant.

(yep, I was told this by my co-worker the other day)
#2 Cletus 23-Aug-2008
Wth's an episcopalian?
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