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Scenes From The Mount of Ascension

Recall, how the DemsLibsCommiesSocialistsMarxists demanded that this year's "Democrat" convention was going to be carbon neutral?

Well, not so much!

It would seem that good intentions of being green are always just that for the party of symbolism and talk.

And then from LGF, comes this filed report from Zombie on his trip to [strike]Invesco Field[/strike] the Mount of Ascension. You know you really have to be "true believer" in order to stand in a line that goes on for miles just for a chance to find a seat in the nose-bleed section.

This was also known as the day Liberty was skewered.

And, may I just say this. THE messiah made fun of McCain being in Congress for 26 years. But, wasn't Biden there longer than that?!?!?

 Tags: obamassiah #Environmentalism

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