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The Terror Verse

Why do Muslim terrorists shout "Allahu Akbar!" before killing innocent civilians?

1.) To terrorize before and during an attack

2.) To raise the morale of other Islamic fighters

3.) To act as an witness for their beliefs

4.) To inspire Muslims who may otherwise decline to act

Learn the truth behind the phrase:

Answer (In case you didn't listen to this latest and most informative chapter from The Idiot's Guide To Islam):
All of the above.

But there is one more reason...

5.) To acknowledge they've just been PWN'd by U.S. Troops (listen carefully for the cameraman's last words):

[Update:] This video may not be appropriate for all audiences!



#1 captainfish 31-Aug-2008
Loved the first video. Second might need an NSFW warning. wow. You are right though. PWNAGE for sure. Perfect Taliban recruiting video.

99 times out of 100, this is how you and your dreams will end. Come join us.

Shows you how really stupid they are. Let me see if I can number the stupid...
1) Attacking a hardened outpost
2) Outpost that is on a hill above them
3) Using antiquated guns
4) Wearing black clothing in a desert
5) Using your brother's unarmored personal vehicle
6) Riding in an open bed truck and doing the above.
7) Thinking you had a chance against America.
#2 DMartyr 01-Sep-2008
Not safe for work? How so? I would think terrorists getting pwn'd would be inspiring to any American workforce. ;)

(j/k - You're right, I should have included a warning. I updated with a disclaimer.)
#3 captainfish 02-Sep-2008
hehehee.. don't get me wrong. I loved it!!!
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