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Cheerleading for the Terrorists

The photo news wires are filled with pictures of another 200 or so Palestinian prisoners who have been freed from Israeli jails as a "goodwill" measure towards the Palestinian Authority. As others have pointed out, these guys aren't exactly innocent bystanders who were rounded up by a military state; but rather, most of them were incarcerated in the process of planning and carrying out terrorist attacks.

How does our "impartial" press choose to represent them?

You guessed it: As heroes.

[ AP/Muhammed Muheisen 2, AP/Mohammed (The Coward) Ballas, Reuters/Fadi Arouri, Reuters/Mohamad Torokman ]

If we can't trust the press to tell us truthfully about murderous thugs in the Middle East, why do we think they'll be more honest about any other topic?

Update: A loving embrace. Thankfully, the AP actually provides some details on this one:

A released Palestinian prisoner Said al-Atba kisses his mother as he arrives at her home in the west bank city of Nablus, Monday, Aug. 25, 2008. Among the 198 Palestinians freed by Israel was Said al-Atba, who served 31 years of a life sentence for masterminding a 1977 market bombing that killed one woman and wounded dozens of others in central Israel. Al-Atba, 57, was the longest serving Palestinian inmate in Israel and is widely seen by Palestinians as a symbol of all the prisoners. (AP Photo/Nasser Ishtayeh)

So as far as we can tell, he was not wrongfully convicted, and he did have a hand in killing Jews.

Notice that this fact doesn't stop the AP from running with this glowing portrait as "news."

Update: Soccer Dad has more background on why attempts like this are utterly futile.

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#1 gretsida 25-Aug-2008
meanwhile at
"International peace activists..."
there is a news-picture at

where you can see about 21 Microfons but
only 10 of them are even plugged (10 cable), and the other are NOT wireless, as i know how this kind of Mics look. (??)
#2 DMartyr 25-Aug-2008
Israeli blood is cheap to Olmert.
#3 captainfish 25-Aug-2008
Jewish blood is even cheaper to Olmert.

Sure it is futile. Thus the reason why the very next day mom's were seen all over the news protesting for further releases of their children from the Israeli death camps.

These people will be treated as heroes, given lots of money, and either sent back out into the field or asked to train the children to be just like them.

I am against chipping, but I tell ya, I would be willing to go against my beliefs if Israel would implant explosive chips into these terrorists' heads prior to release.
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