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Profiling: Un-American or Pro-American?

The justice department has put new FBI guidelines on hold - rules that would allow limited profiling of suspected terrorists.

The Justice Department has agreed to delay new rules giving the FBI greater leeway in investigations of suspected terrorists, deferring to concerns by senators that innocent Americans might be targeted.


Currently, the FBI must have evidence or allegations of wrongdoing before opening an investigation of U.S. citizens or legal residents from other countries. The new policy could let agents start investigating after building a profile of traits that, taken together, were deemed suspicious.

In other words, there must be clear evidence that an act of terrorism has already been committed or is being planned before the FBI could begin investigating individuals.

CAIR whines:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today termed "unconstitutional and un-American" a proposed Justice Department policy change that would allow the FBI to investigate Americans without evidence of wrongdoing and could permit religious and ethnic profiling.

Under the new guidelines, which are expected to be implemented later this summer, the FBI would be permitted to consider race and ethnicity when opening an investigation. Agents would also be allowed to ask open-ended questions about the activities of American Muslims and Arab-Americans...

Well now, Let's just have a look at the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists list and see if we can find any noticeable similarities to "American Muslims" or "Arab-Americans"... Remember, we are looking for visible traits of indications of Muslim or Arab characteristics:

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Think profiling would help? Nah...



#1 captainfish 25-Aug-2008

We will never be able to implement this officially. We lost that ability when we didn't implement it following 9/11. Had we done it then, there might have been a level of comfortableness with some profiling.

This is like having germans tell us it is unfair to target germans during WW2 in Europe. People who are against profiling always cite what our nation did to the Japanese and Japanese=Americans following the Pearl Harbor Attack that had Japanese launching their only bomb at us.

But, one must understand our mindset prior to the attack. We allowed them almost free and unfettered access to the areas in and surrounding Pearl Harbor. We felt blindsided. We felt betrayed. We lashed out and that anger went everywhere and allowed us to take our dignity back.

Were innocent people profiled and detained? Yes. Were potential spies and infiltrators also detained. You can't say no, can you. How many secrets were we able to keep by maintaining the utmost security on people.

Everybody profiles and everybody bases opinions based on initial impressions. Get over it.
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