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What Are You Getting With Your Tyson Chicken?

A few weeks ago we heard about the Tyson Food plant in Shelbyville observing the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr. We also learned that many of the Somalia immigrants arriving to the area had a disproportionate number of tuberculosis cases.

If you're eating a chicken sandwich, you might want to read the rest of this post later.

The Tennessean is reporting new, disturbing allegations about these Somali immigrants processing your chicken:

"The Somolians don't use toilet paper…They use their hand and then wash it without soap," [Gary Ashley] wrote.

Except for some time in Nashville, Ashley has lived in Shelbyville most of his adult life. He thinks friends and neighbors would describe him as the "most liberal nut on Earth," a Protestant, a man who believes in getting along with everyone.

But he said he keeps hearing things that make him uncomfortable with the growing Somalian presence in town. There was talk of men using the sinks as urinals, then pouring glasses of water over their private parts for cleansing. There was also the talk of a Somalian aversion to toilet tissue.


Tyson employees contacted for this story say they witnessed similar activities at sinks.

"They even posted guards in the bathrooms at one point," said Randy Moore, a former Tyson worker who said he was fired about two weeks ago. "They put them in there to make sure everybody was washing their hands."

It's a claim Tyson and Somalis both deny...



#1 captainfish 25-Aug-2008
oh dear gawd I feel very sick.

I don't find this hard to believe as we all know the aversion muslims have to bathrooms believing that they contain demons.

Question, if the wipe with their hand, what do they wipe their hands off on?

pardon me while i puke...... and get some shots.
#2 Cletus 26-Aug-2008
makes me wonder about the diseased chicken here in Canada that is killing people
#3 captainfish 26-Aug-2008
Do tell Cletus.
Even tho I don't pay attention to the news much, I have not heard anything.
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