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Google Earthbender!

While I'm on the subject of the Art Sciences Research Laboratory, I neglected to pass along earlier this month that they have been involved in a case regarding some strangely errant Google Earth imagery. In yet another testament to their excellent skills in the "Journalistic Arts," the group was in touch with Google immediately, and managed to discover that:

Google representative, Kate Hurowitz, in Global Communications & Public Affairs, told StinkyJournalism that they are concerned and investigating The Netherland’s photoshopped trees image. She said, “We're aware that there seems to be an anomaly in our imagery and are working to determine what happened.” She promised to let us know when they have “more information.”

It is curious to see that satellite imagery of a relatively innocent-looking golf course in the Netherlands appears to have been photoshopped. Usually, when Google imagery is disrupted, it is for reasons of national security. Of course, Google Earth just as often catches things just as interesting, but certainly the engineers there (and at the mapping agencies that provide them with their map and photographic data) don't go around altering maps for personal reasons.

I definitely look forward to hearing what explanation Google provides.


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