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The Rise of Race-Based Produce

Both of these signs were found in the produce section of my local Shopper's Food Warehouse, which is a supermarket chain here in the D.C. Metro area:

I'm confused.

Notice that these signs were located within mere feet of each other. And while zucchini apparently fell under the category of "Hispanic" favorites, that dastardly lettuce, my eternal and mortal enemy, seems to be a "Latino" favorite.

Those far-sighted "diversity" managers over at SFW must really be bending over backwards to cater to the latest fads in American culture.

(By the way—If anyone can explain to me what the unimaginably subtle differences are between these two food types, I'm all ears.)

Aww shucks! Thanks for the link, Doug!



#1 Elephantschild 27-Aug-2008
What I'd like to know is why women of Latin ethnic background have no favorites.

I demand a "Latina Favorites" section! (Even though I'm of German stock myself.)
#2 Kevin 27-Aug-2008
I hate latinos, but love hispanics. Can someone describe the difference between the two so that I can direct my love and hate appropriately?
#3 whackette 27-Aug-2008
So what aisle do white people shop on? And what does it contain?

Where is the white people section?!?!?!
#4 captainfish 27-Aug-2008
So, was the original name then, zucchino? ZUC-CHINO?

What is it about about general grocery stores that try to cater to certain ethnic groups? How would you place lettuce? Does that go in the White, Latino, or Mediterranean section? Or would you put them in all sections that way there would be no ethnic mixing?

I understand ethnic shops that cater to specialty foods or carry a vast array of foods for that culinary flavor. But.... this is ridiculous.

How about, instead of fluffing up your stores, just giving us the food at the cheapest price you can?

And, I agree, if they are going to start this process, then they can't leave any other out. Time to bring up the Whitey section (carrying crackers i suppose). China alone has 56 ethnic groups that would need to be catered to.

By the way, Latino are what we are being invaded by. Hispanic are those from Spain, Gibralter, Iberia Peninsula.

from wiki. Hispanic.."The term is now confined to refer to the culture and people of Spain plus the Spanish-speaking countries of Hispanic America. Additionally, countries or regions with a historical legacy from Spain, including the Southwestern United States and Florida; the African nations of Equatorial Guinea, Western Sahara and the Northern coastal region of Morocco; the Asia-Pacific nations of the Philippines, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands; may be considered to be a part of the Hispanosphere."
#5 Dave 06-Sep-2008
And yet if there was a "White favorites" section the liberals would be up in arms demanding it be removed because it is "blatantly racist". So why isn't "Latino favorites" or "Hispanic favorites" not racist?
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