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Peace through Universal Servitude

Reader Joey H. caught this interesting irony while walking to his class at a University down in Georgia this semester:


Of course, the fact that Marxist states throughout the world have a long history of violence makes this all the more amusing. Sure, Marx said that his theories of wealth and capital would be the introduction to world peace, but the fact that the brutality continued in each and every "Marxist" State sure does seem to belie his efforts. (Of course, I don't personally think that war can be cured, but that's another topic entirely.)

As an added bonus, notice the quote over to the right, which was chopped off in the original. And then imagine what an enlightening experience a semester with this gentleman must be.

“You can safely assume that you've created
God in your own image when it turns out
that God hates all the same people you do.”
(Anne Lamott) [source]

Joey, I highly recommend donating some of these nice posters to your revolutionary friend. He's sure to enjoy each and every one of them!



#1 MJ 28-Aug-2008
Wow. Great posters on that link.
#2 Mongol 28-Aug-2008
Heads up... enclosed is the link for the daily dictator section. Sighted: the evil midget in the company of a few other semi-evil dictators and evil semi-dictators
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 28-Aug-2008
Haha, thanks for the link, Mongol! That's quite a picture, indeed!

#4 captainfish 28-Aug-2008
Ahmad: "I am reading your thoughts. You will listen to me now."

Belief in MarxismCommunismSocialismDemocratism must be a genetic deficiency because of the complete inability of the believer to see reality.

How else can you explain how people fawn all over this belief system despite it failing, killing millions, and leaving countries destitute.

Unfort, if we elect Obama, he would not be our first wholly Socialist President. But, fortunately, if Marxist Obama is elected, we can be friends with Venezuela and Columbia again.

Peace love and joy will flow like milk and honey. (though you wont be able to afford the state produced milk and honey because of excessive taxation and 75% unemployment)
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