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Pre-Obama Speech Lunacy

During the half-time of the Jaguars and Redskins game on Thursday August 28, NBC news anchor Brian Williams said that Barack (THE messiah) Obama would be delivering "an old fashioned revival" during his convention acceptance speech that night.

Then a bit later, Adam Schefter, a reporter on NFL issues for NBC, ESPN and NFL Network, stated that the "Hurricane" Gustav which is just west of Haiti (this day and time) was "heading straight for New Orleans" which he used to explain why the New Orleans Saints will be having their practices in another location.

Nothing like exaggeration journalism.

Update [Brian]: Cap'n and myself were both livetweeting this over on Twitter. His feed, My feed. This really was one of the most ridiculous spectacles I've ever seen, and I've been around a "couple" of elections.
[Ed: while I don't have links to what was said, as it was said live and I am "live-blogging" this, I am sure that (or brian now) will have something up shortly.]

Granted, all the storm forecasts show that the storm might grow into a hurricane and might hit the coastline of the Gulf Coast, but COME ON!!!!! At the time the comparisons to Hurricane Katrina and the possible devastation that New Orleans could face once again from this "storm" began when the storm was way east of Haiti. Even now, Tropical Storm Gustav is just a bit east of Jamaica. The storm won't even be in the Gulf till Sunday (according to projection). Thus, all these projections and assumptions are just that. Assumptions.

Louisiana has already called a state of emergency in anticipation of losing thousands of people again due to ineptness from its government officials and utter stubbornness from its people.

With state and local leaders on alert for Gustav, Governor Bobby Jindal on Wednesday declared a state of emergency for Louisiana, and outlined plans the state is making to be prepared for a possible landfall in the state.

The governor said state officials are also asking the White House to issue an emergency declaration before the storm makes landfall.

While I have heard nothing but good things about Jindal, I must laugh here. He sounds like a whiny Democrat scared of the future. He wants disaster areas declared even before the tropical storm Gustav even enters the Gulf of Mexico. If you note on that projected path, the storm could even turn toward Northern Florida.

So, does this mean this is the start of the Global Devastation that was predicted by the True Scientists in 2005 after Katrina "drowned" New Orleans? Note, Katrina really didn't destroy New Orleans like it did Mississippi. It led to some breakages in their lousy canal walls that then led to a double flooding of parts of New Orleans.

Also note, that the French Quarter, which was the original site and settlement of New Orleans, was built upon the high banks of the Mississippi. It rarely flooded there. It was the low lying, surrounding areas that were later pumped and built upon are the areas now at risk. I mean, come on, the area is 7 feet below sea level and dropping. And we are supposed to feel sorry for them? I'm sorry, but I am unable to feel that for people who willingly live in a proven, purely designed, naturally made, man-made swimming hole. If you are going to live in a river, you have to expect to get wet.

Ok, what was I talking about?

Meanwhile, the CR-ap is already touting what Obama has said. Even though, at this time (830central) he has not spoken. Here are a few titles from the CR-ap...

Obama says he'll cut taxes, end oil dependence
(Ed: cough, cough)
Obama uses speech for high-tech outreach
Obama sketches promise of America


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