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The Palin Family: 360° Coverage!

h/t Alton Foley, one of my Old Dominion Blog Alliance compatriots:

From the creators:

We believe that all fair-minded journalists were as shocked by some of the coverage as we were, and in that vein, we encourage you to republish and redistribute the cartoon. There are no royalties or restrictions involved.

Clearly, the attacks against Mrs. Palin and her family have gone far beyond the pale, and have no place in a mature discussion about the direction America is going in this year.


Robert Romano
ALG News Bureau

Update: Did you know that Governor Palin vigorously supports the culling of wolves? One more reason for the mentally challenged to be outraged.

(h/t CY)



#1 forest 03-Sep-2008
I actually did hear her speak of predator control in a video of a gubernatorial debate from 2006. I was waiting for someone to try to make an issue of it.

The same media that won't touch Obama's association with a convicted terrorist and a convicted crook is all over a bunch of nothing here. They're overplaying their hand, and it's about time to counter this garbage.
#2 captainfish 03-Sep-2008
hard to counter garbage and lies with truth when truth is abhorrent and unreal to these people.

When actors and Hollywood life is seen as more knowledgeable than professionals and real life, then there is no way to bring reality to these people.

but, love the image. So very true. so very true. Would have loved that image for my last post. dang you Brian. you keeping me down, aren't ya.
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