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Liveblogging #rnc08 Day Two: Enter, Palindrome!

I'll be listening to all of the prime-time speakers over here, if you're interested in following along. If not (yeah, Donkeyrock, that means you), allow me to offer a friendly game of "Where's Mahmoud?" to pass the time:

They're all eagerly anticipating tonight's speeches, no doubt.

He's got to be in there somewhere.



#1 Cletus 04-Sep-2008
#2 Donkeyrock 04-Sep-2008
Offering games to try to keep the kiddies happy? Damn. lol
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 04-Sep-2008
At least it was a [i]fun[/i] game, wasn't it?

#4 Donkeyrock 04-Sep-2008
You're just trying to molest the parts of my mind that like playing childish games... ya damn pervert! lol

(yes... I looked for mahmoud... what of it?... shutup... stop giggling... dammit)
#5 captainfish 04-Sep-2008
Get Back To The Political Commentary!!!
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