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Don't Question their Patriotism

As the Republican Convention gets started this week, the unhinged moonbats of the left are up to their usual chicanery:

As the Connecticut delegation was getting off a bus near the Xcel Center, a group of protesters broke free from authorities and attacked the delegates.

Connecticut delegate Rob Simmons told FOX 9 that a group of protesters came toward his delegation and tried to rip the credentials off their necks and sprayed them with a toxic substance. [Ed.:—Later shown to be bleach]

The unknown substance burned their eyes and stained their clothes.

One 80-year-old member of the delegation had to be treated for injuries, and several other delegates had to rinse their eyes and clothing.

You've got to hand it to the left—No matter how many times they punch America in the face, they still have the gall to say that somehow, we were "asking" for it.

(h/t Jim H.)



#1 DMartyr 02-Sep-2008
And they have the audacity to call Republicans "warmongers" and "haters".

These liberal weenies have the courage to attack 80 year old men, but just like muslime terrorists, they don't have the balls to challenge a group of soldiers. They will only attack those unable to defend themselves.

They are cowards, the whole lot of them.
#2 DMartyr 02-Sep-2008
Don't question their patriotism:

#3 rawdawgbuffalo 02-Sep-2008
now that was funny, but the real scandal to me regards all these bank failures. Not to mention neither the dems or GOP talk about deflation or all these bank failures, had another one today in GA, Dang, That’s makes 10. Yep Paulin will back fire for McCain, but my pocket is more important
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