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The Hazards of Traveling-While-Leftist

You remember those Free Gaza nutjobs that we mentioned briefly last week?

The "Free Gaza" ship that they came in on has, unsurprisingly, been allowed to leave the Gaza Strip without interference from the crushing Israeli siege. Some of the passengers had decided to stay behind for a few days, however, no doubt to continue schmoozing with the heads of the terrorist groups over there. When they tried to leave, they had a dastardly surprise, however.

The Elder lays it out for us:

On Sunday, some of them tried to enter Israel via the Erez crossing, claiming that they needed to accompany the many sick patients who do leave Gaza to be treated in Israel. They were denied.

So they decided to try to leave to Egypt via Rafah, along with the thousands of people who crossed over the past two days. They were denied.

It is curious why the people who wanted to show their support for Gazans are so eager to get out of there. Fortunately, they might have the opportunity to spend weeks or maybe even years to get much friendlier with the locals as their official pleas to leave Gaza are ignored.

Of course, what's even more curious to think of is that these wonderful savants thought that they could just cross international borders, completely ignoring border control procedures without the least bit of worry.

Let this be a reminder to our leftist friends that international travel always works better with a proper passport.



#1 Cletus 03-Sep-2008
Maybe some of the leftists will learn their lesson when these assholes are found headless in a ditch
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