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When Democrats Attack II: Battling the Palindrome!

Wow. Talk about an amazing week, eh? Some amazing milestones have just occurred. Mind if I summarize a few of these momentous occasions?

The whole of the southern United States was wiped out by a chain of Cat-7 hurricanes due to massive global warming and Pres Bush's failure to send in FEMA to change the direction of the jet stream.

Oh wait. That was from The Weather Channel. Actually, it was not that far from the truth. Dave Schwartz stated the day before Hurricane Gustav made landfall in Louisiana that the name Gustav will be retired from the hurricane naming list because of all the widespread damage and destruction that it will inflict upon the areas around New Orleans. I kid you not. He stated that as a fact several times.

Ok, now going from lunatic to lunacy, we now visit the liberal left's moments.

Gov Palin is not suitable for Vice President because she is a mother and needs to stay home.

Yes, this came from the liberal left who for the longest time looked down on stay-at-home moms. Even the feminists are all upset.... at her! The are upset at her for thinking she has what it takes to be part of the man's domain.

Gov Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig because the child was actually her daughter's.

Now this one is easy to throw out. There is ample evidence that she was indeed pregnant. She even made videos during this time. Even the people of Alaska knew of her pregnancy (she was there by the way). You got to believe that this attack came from the "trufers".

Gov Palin was picked before she was vetted

This makes as much sense as saying that Sen Biden was picked before he was fully vetted. I mean, its not like Sen Biden has any family issues he ought to be ashamed of. Besides, vetting is not a public event. Besides part two, it is only those who are trying to dig things up against her that are saying this (hint: MSM).

Gov Palin inflicted Down's Syndrome upon Trig by her unhealthy living.

Now, this is one of the better attacks I have heard. Again, this is coming from the left who have pushed over the last half-century that women should not be stuck at home. Actually, this is a subtle attack on her herself for not having an abortion so that she "was not saddled with a mistake".

Gov Palin is a bad mother because she rode on a plane while pregnant, thus leading to Trig having Down's Syndrome.

Ummmm..... see quote above.

Gov Palin is a bad mother by accepting the Vice Presidential candidacy (John Roberts: CNN live) because she will no longer be able to be a mother to her kids.

Ok, now this stuff is just getting silly. Call me sexist, but I have never heard the MSM attack male candidates for the President and Vice Presidential offices on whether they can still be a father to their families. This in of itself highlights how hypocritical and biased the MSM is. They have to find anything and everything to make their candidate look better compared to a conservative FEMALE Republican candidate. You would think that the entire MSM and liberal elites would be falling all over themselves to support a woman running for one of the highest offices in the nation. They got behind Ferraro when she ran. Wonder why things are different now? hmmm

Gov Palin fought against Sen McCain FOR the "Bridge to Nowhere".

HAHAHAA... ok, this is the funniest rumor now. This was even stated on a major news network. In fact, she fought against it. She even stated, "If we want a bridge to nowhere, we would fund it ourselves." She felt that the money could be better spent on upgrading the ferry or on Alaska's roads than on a seldom used bridge.

Gov Palin is in the oil industry's pockets.

Yeah, excpet that she fought against the oil industry in order to secure the best deals FOR Alaska's citizens. She turned down several oil company deals because they didn't allow as much state control over the project as she wanted. She got what she wanted.

Gov Palin is a throw back, while Michelle Obama is a "progressive mother".

I am befuddled by this one. Both are mother's of children and have raised them. Both women are successful. However, if they are measuring progressive by how much has been accomplished, then Gov Palin has Mrs Obama head over heels. Gov Palin has been a mayor and is currently governor of a state. She has helped create and run her family's business. She has even worked out in the work place. You can't say that about either of the Obamas, can you?

If progressive means one who is a liberal elite and is out of touch with normal working people who make less than $1 million per year, then you got me there. Obama is clearly progressive then.

Gov Palin is not experienced like Obama. Obama stated: he has more experience than her just by running his Presidential campaign.

When asked if Gov Palin has enough experience to run as Vice President, Sen Obama (who has never worked a real job, never managed a business, and never operated in an executive officer fashion) stated that she was only a mayor of a town of like 50 people. Yet, his own campaign had over 2500 people to manage.

Picking Gov Palin from the small-state of Alaska, which does not have any black people, or crack-heads, shows that Sen McCain is truly out of touch with America.

Ok, if P-Diddy is going to be a respected spokesman for the Democrat Party, then I don't even want to be part of the United States. This just shows you how vile, despicable, reprehensible, uncivil, hateful and spiteful the liberal and Hollywood left really are to people outside of their domain.

Gov Palin giving birth to a Down's Syndrome child and the fact that her teen daughter is now pregnant shows that abstinence education, which has never been proven to work, just does not work even in her own family.

WOW!!! Now this should be used to replace the definition of "hypocrisy" in the dictionary. Can you hear them now, "See, if you had only used a condom, you wouldn't be saddled with that mistake of a baby and your daughter wouldn't be sleeping with the whole high school football team."

Gov Palin's husband is a law-breaking drunkard.

OMG... no.. not a DUI.... in 1986!!!!!! Ok, I might be able to accept that but not if he also ran a red light. OMG, he did?!?!?! This just seals it. I can't vote for his wife. Wait, he did this BEFORE he was married? And he didn't inhale?? Oh, that's OK then. [Update: At least Obama was only snorting cocaine "freely" during this same time period. And HE DID INHALE. All Hail Obama.]

These people make me sick. Remember, even Obama refuse to answer the question about when a baby deserves human rights. I think it is perfectly clear about who we need in the office of President. It would be suicidal to place people in to the Office of President who do not value human lives and see babies as mistakes.


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