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Obama's Two Dads

ABCNews really seems to have stepped in it this time:

(h/t Aussie Dave)



#1 captainfish 03-Sep-2008



OMG... yeah, it would be one for the history books. hahahahahaaa. Well, they are the progressive party and have been pushing the ideology of "jimmy has two daddys" in public schools. Now, its ready for primetime.

Besides........ you never know. Can we start this one as a rumor? You know how the liberals all love to spread rumors.
#2 Confederate Yankee 03-Sep-2008
In all fairness, his mom's first name was Stanley. (h/t Snapped Shot)...
#3 Kevin 03-Sep-2008
"No matter what your politics", that's impressive. I too have had enough of this gynocracy that we are forced to live in every day. Finally, a man/man relationship bears fruit! I'm giving 'gay' a second thought now. Thanks, Obama's Dads!
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