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State of the Press, 2008

Bob Owens makes a very good point this morning. Rather than quote him, I'd like to summarize his point somewhat differently. Be sure to click on over for his full and detailed analysis.

Here's my take on what the State of the Press is this election cycle.

If You're A Democrat:
A major candidate for President was involved in a "personal" affair. The press was aware of this (admittedly), and ignored it for over a year, leaving the story to be covered by a "disreputable" tabloid.

A month ago, when it was finally admitted that the tabloid's story was correct, the "reputable" national media finally began to cover the story.

The press still hasn't admitted any fault in their refusal to cover the story, though.

Compare that last snippet to:

If You're A Republican:
A major candidate for Vice President has a number of "personal" issues surrounding her and her family, along with a somewhat tenuous "scandal" surrounding some state troopers.

The press rushes to cover all of these "scandals" as page-one news, even going to the depths of attacking her family and children (i.e., her "personal" life)

It's interesting to note, however, that the last news source to cover these "scandals" is none other than the "disreputable" tabloid that had been so previously ignored.

It would seem that some news outlets have a shred of journalistic integrity, after all.


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