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The Karate Kid 5: Iwo Jima Rrrrumble!

Soccer Dad sends along the exclusive sneak preview of the movie event of 2020. I don't know about you, but I'm definitely going to be lining up to buy my tickets to this historic event today.

His commentary is definitely worth repeating, as always:

There seem to be a higher concentration of news service photographers relative to the population in Palestinian areas than any place in the world. So there’s a lot of news. Among the most popular images are people waiting for their terrorist friends and relatives to be released, Palestinian policeman undergoing incomprehensible training and “militants” training to attack Israel. (I’m not sure there’s a difference between those last two groups.)

Are there really more photojournalists per-capita in the Palestinian terror-tories than anywhere else on earth?While there certainly is no shortage of news from other "Jihad-enabled" areas around the world, the Palestinians do seem to get an extraordinary amount of coverage. Is this because the wire services have some kind of preference for their cause?

It could be. On the other hand, we don't exactly have a shortage of wire photographers here in the States, either.

I guess that makes me somewhat ambivalent on the subject. There's plenty of material covered by photojournalists today that I wouldn't imagine to be "newsworthy" in the least.

Maybe what we really need is pickier news consumers.

Oh wait—We already have those.

Hopefully, things will even out before too long.


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