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Definition of Oxymoronic

Thanks to DMartyr for the setup. I know we have seen this on the television of late because the MSM just love to show how unpopular the Republicans are. But the title just caught my funny bone.

I was perusing my local radio station's front page when the list of stories and videos came up on the left hand side. Below is a screen capture of that page

See video 2 title?

Ok, see, that just struck me. "Peace Protester"??. They are protesting peace? They are using violence to demand an end to violence? Does that strike you as funny? Here is more from the article about these fun group of kids.
VIDEO: RNC protests get out of hand [Ed: Wonder why RNC people are protesting?]

ST. PAUL (Reuters) - Police in riot gear battled hundreds of protesters with pepper spray and smoke bombs and arrested 130 people on Monday at the start of the Republican presidential convention. [Ed: Dang, them Republican convention goers really get rowdy don't they. Wonder why they are so angry?]

Officers on horseback, motorcycles and bicycles chased a group of rock- and bottle-throwing protesters who broke off from a peaceful march of up to 10,000 people through downtown St. Paul.

Protesters, some hiding their faces with black kerchiefs, smashed shop windows, overturned garbage cans and vandalized police cars. Some pushed a flaming dumpster into a car with police in it, officers and witnesses said.

Police said 130 people had been arrested.

Protesters broke off from a peaceful march?? I wonder who these people really are? Reading the article, you don't find out until half-way down, 6 paragraphs into the article that the protesters are the MORONS of the world. Thus, the accurate and poignant term, OxyMORONic.

Most protesters demanded an end to the Iraq war, although their causes ranged from increased rights for immigrants to changing U.S. policy in Ethiopia. T-shirts backing McCain's Democratic rival Barack Obama were common.

Ohhhh. That explains a whole lot. I thought they were all about change, diversity, inclusivity and hope. Sounds like they are pretty pessimistic to me.


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