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Moderately Sizeable Comment-Trolling Thread: Engage!

Our Democratic future.
Let nobody out there think I'm above using an open thread to try and fish for comments.

Up for discussion today? The media's smear tactics on Sarah Palin. Obama's two dads. The amazing performance of Fred Thompson at #rnc08. And whatever else your heart desires.

The cost? Comments are free, but hurry now, as supplies are limited!

I'd be especially interested in hearing from some of the older readers, if any of you are still around. Forest, you still hanging out here? Babbazee, I haven't heard from you in forever. I can't even begin to fathom what happened to poor old Captain Lewis, but whatever his fate, he will be warmly remembered here.

Check in, one and all.

Let's make this comments thread a memorable(ish) occasion!



#1 BabbaZee 03-Sep-2008
Obama's 2 Dads! Who bravely defied all laws of society and Biology just to bring you the OBAMANATION that causes desolation !
#2 BabbaZee 03-Sep-2008
BTW the site looks beautiful
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Sep-2008

I wouldn't report it if it weren't true!

Oh wait. I meant "true" in quotes. ;)

Thanks for the compliments, and good to see you back over here! :)

Warmest Regards,
#4 forest 03-Sep-2008
I'm pretty well irate at this point. The media may be more out of control right now than they were in the Israel-Hizballah war a couple years ago.

I'm looking forward to some big counter attacking tonight. They had better do it. Rudy and Palin have the stage all night without any media in the way.
#5 zen 03-Sep-2008
Hi there,
I'm really trying to get my head around the Palin pick. I just don't understand it. I suspect you favor the choice, but since the McCain camp has gone into radio silence how do you expect to learn anything about her? Do you really feel that you know all you need to know about the potential president of the country?
Forget the pregnant daughter bit. Only the circus is still following that. There are real questions that need to be addressed. I fear that many are just buying her without any deeper consideration.
#6 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Sep-2008
Forest—Good to see you're still doing okay! Be sure to stop by more often, eh?

Zen—Even with all of the silence, I know two [i]hundred[/i] percent more about Sarah Palin's experience than I do about Obama's. As in she's actually [i]got[/i] experience in office, not counting the time she's spent on the campaign trail.


#7 zen 03-Sep-2008
But don't you have questions?
Her words are in direct contradiction to her experience in many circumstances. The media for once seems to be doing the vetting that McCain apparently did not.
Take for example the Bridge to Nowhere. How do you rectify the "reformer" image she's trying to nurture, when she actually supported and campaigned for the pork? In fact, Palin was on McCain's own "pork list" of objectionable federal spending. She, and McCain, are not being truthful to the American people. Doesn't that concern you?
#8 Brian C. Ledbetter 03-Sep-2008

No complaints here. I can honestly say that I don't remember a single instance of John McCain doing much of [i]anything[/i] to fight "pork," so him selecting someone who has participated in such projects really isn't controversial to me.

On the other hand, I have absolute confidence that the Democratic Party will do [i]absolutely[/i] nothing to resolve the "pork issue."

What can I say? I'm still not concerned.

#9 zen 03-Sep-2008
Thanks for your response, Brian.

However, I am not concerned at the moment with relativity to what anyone else is doing. They should be held accountable for their own actions.

At issue here is some strange chasm where any inquiry of substance into this candidate's previous experience or activities are being over-shadowed by intentional distraction. And to who's benefit, really?

It's quite curious that the media is being blamed for asking legitimate questions, they are being shut out of any interviews with the campaign, and feeding complete fabrications to the world. In fact, the campaign itself has arguably done more to perpetuate the daughter story (link blocked), instead of making an honest effort to respect her privacy.

But again, forgetting about the daughter. Palin's political past is more than fair game, and should be exposed and investigated. And she should be open in response. Do you disagree with that sentiment?

Best, and thanks for your thoughts.
#10 Kevin 03-Sep-2008
"Sarah Palin raped and then murdered me! Ok she didn't 'rape' me, per se, but she totally murdered me!" - A moose
#11 Cletus 03-Sep-2008
Palin will own Biden in their debate. I'm looking forward to it
#12 zen 03-Sep-2008

How do you come to that position? I mean if you are just playing the cheerleader that's one thing. But honestly, how many times have you seen her speak? Much less debate? On the national level?
That's certainly a confident opinion. Just wondering if it's warranted at this point.

#13 captainfish 03-Sep-2008
how can you honestly say that the media is asking the important vetting questions? do you know what the vetting questions are?

Zen, can you please provide proof that Palin pushed McCain to provide funding for the Bridge to Nowhere? I have articles that cite that she actually turned down the funding when it came down from Congress (she is a governor in the state and the money came from Congress after all).

And, by the way, how does your comment on radio silence compare to the McCain campaign being all over the major news shows over the last week? They have been all over the news trying to give light and truth to these trufer rumors that were stared by Obama's bloggers.

Besides Zen, the state of Alaska already knew about everything regarding Gov Palin. Hint..... she was their governor!!

If you would ask specific questions you have about Palin, we can either answer or direct you to where you can find answers. Can you really say the same of the Marxist party?

What do you know of Obama? he is a "community organizer" and ... and... a senator for 144 days where he rarely participated. What else has he done? We know that he is a member of a racist church. Palin was a member of the Assembly of God of Wasilla. I have yet to hear any bad things about any Assembly of God church anywhere.

you said: [i]At issue here is some strange chasm where any inquiry of substance into this candidate's previous experience or activities are being over-shadowed by intentional distraction[/i]

Wow!! did you learn that in journalism school? You just said that the McCain campaign was in radio silence, but now you claim there is intentional distraction. Which is it? The only distraction is coming from the liberals who are tarnishing a very young child who is going through a very tough time in her life; having to grow up too fast.

What inquiry are you referring to? The only thing coming out of the left hemisphere and the MSM are the rumors and attacks on her character, and her maternal abilities.

you stated: [i]It's quite curious that the media is being blamed for asking legitimate questions, they are being shut out of any interviews with the campaign,[/i]

once again, please provide proof. what legitimate questions have they been asking? And, do you not own a television? the McCain campaign has been all over the place. Also, does the Republican Convention ring any bells in your head?

you stated: [i]In fact, the campaign itself has arguably done more to perpetuate the daughter story (link blocked), instead of making an honest effort to respect her privacy.[i]

boy, if you don't sound like you were the one pushing these rumors. Can you please come back to reality? There is a difference in announcing it to the rest of the 49 states (as it was already known in AK) and running it all over the internet, MSM and the media's morning shows. There is no reason that she would push this story and all its divergent lines across the internet. Did you really say that it was her own campaign that released and fabricated pregnancy stories instead of respecting her own privacy??

Zen, come back to reality. Listen to reason and think for yourself for a change.
#14 zen 03-Sep-2008

I attempted to post links in a previous post, but was getting error messages. I will try again.

Bridge to Nowhere
I never said that Palin pushed McCain for these funds. I said that she pushed for the federal money, and that she now is contradicting herself by claiming the "thanks but no thanks" line. It's false.
See (here, here, here, and here cites McCain's scrutiny of specifically Palin's federal pork is detailed.
If not convincing, then certainly enough to merit deeper, legitimate vetting of these issues. These are the questions that need to be answered.
Instead, the campaign wants to call anything asked, any legitimate concern, an "attack" or "sexist."
Leave the circus media to themselves. Serve the common good of the people by addressing the contradictions above.

Or the Alaska Independence Party membership of her husband.

As for her church. Maybe you haven't heard anything bad, is because you haven't heard anyone ask. In fact, her church believes that the war in Iraq is a "task from God." And that tells the congregation, "I'm not going tell you who to vote for, but if you vote for this particular person, I question your salvation. I'm sorry."
You call Rev. Wright a legit issue, then surely this is as well.
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