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Biden on International Politics

Joe Biden is living proof as to why you'll never want to ask a Senator a question about foreign policy. In an interview with ABCNews, he was asked the fairly straightforward question:

Do you still believe in a tripartite solution to Iraq?

His clear and concise answer?

13 minutes long, and ABC has the transcript to prove it! Now, I'm not going to reproduce it here, as ABC's definitely gone through quite a bit of pain to record it, but thanks to Wordle, I can at least show you a picture of his brilliant remarks:

Going... going... GONE! Much like your Presidential aspirations, Mr. Senator!

No wonder our Congress is known for being nothing more than a wind farm.

Update: As Rusty so helpfully points out, Senator Joe Biden is definitely a member of the "ME" generation.

What a yutz!



#1 Mongol 08-Sep-2008
I am not sure whether to call this 13 min wonder a talent or a condition...
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 08-Sep-2008

Rest assured: Having the ability to wax eloquent for extended periods of time whilst saying [i]absolutely[/i] nothing of substance is considered to be a gift of the [i]highest[/i] order in the U.S. Senate, where debates and filibusters are expected to last for weeks on end.

Of course, some consider this gift to be one of the biggest reasons why Senators make lousy Presidents... ;)

#3 mrkwong 08-Sep-2008
I'm wondering if it's possible whether to computer-model the right way to debate Biden.

I figure that there's some threshold time window that, if you can force him into taking that long to answer a question, you've got a substantial probability that one or the other shoe will go 'FWOOP!' into the mouth.

So the question is just figuring out how much rope the man needs to hang himself, and making sure he has it.
#4 Mongol 08-Sep-2008
lol guys
#5 captainfish 08-Sep-2008
What the hell does "California" (lower center) have to do with the situation in Iraq?!?!!?!?

Holy Freakin Hell?!?!

Good catch here Brian. This needs to be spread around.

If it takes you more than 5 minutes to answer a question, ANY question, then you are not worthy of being employed in any position except being a windmill generator.

And what does John McCain and Shia LeBouf have to do with answering that question about his own belief system??
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