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Nope, No Nazism Nearby!

Barack Obama's negotiating partners in peace over in Iran are up to their usual antics.

Will he or Joe "13 Minutes" Biden be condemning the Iranian regime for their continued militarist aggression?

Considering that Iran isn't one of Obama's 57 states of the invariably-at-fault United States of America, I'm betting on "no."



#1 captainfish 08-Sep-2008
nah, because it is just words. While words mean things, they are just words. And, as we all know, the Left and the Liberals are true believers in the Universal Freedom of Speech for everyone. They are free to say what they want. They can even express themselves by designing art projects that look like weapons or nuclear power generation plants. It is their own way of expressing how they feel. They can even display that aggression through financing of groups that share their own belief systems and core values. Isn't that what true lobbyists believe in?

Besides, they haven't done anything yet. You can't express an opinion until something happens. If and when a peaceful country responds to another aggressor nation like Israel, then he can begin to formulate an opinion and express his views of what should happen.
#2 winston 09-Sep-2008
Slow Joe and Barry Hussein Empty Suit are morons
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