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Biden on Palin: Wrong Subject

Brian on Biden? ZZZZzzzzz.....

So Joe Biden, second fiddle to The One, has come out and declared that Sarah Palin should have talked about how she would "fix" the American economy.

This is pretty funny, considering that Biden himself didn't really offer anything but tired old platitudes in his droll, doomsaying speech.

But, since most of you probably won't make it past 5 words in his transcript to judge for yourself—I fell asleep 3 times when I tried putting this together—I present to you a picture of what he discussed, courtesy Wordle:

And I quote: "Obama Obama Obama Obama Change Obama Obama Hope"

How exactly does one manage to give an entire speech on the "economy," without actually talking about the economy more than they do a certain cult-like leader?

Update: FOR THE RECORD, here is Sarah Palin's speech to the RNC, given the same treatment:
Notice what the most prominent word is?

Why do some people find it so hard to believe that Republicans think Country matters more than personality?



#1 Yishai 04-Sep-2008
Awesome. Great tool. Can you do Obama's speech? I expect to see one huge "I" in the middle of the cloud...
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 04-Sep-2008

Here's Obama's big acceptance speech, per Wordle:


Common English words ("I," "the," etc.) are filtered out by default, so barring those, the most prominent word is [b]PROMISE[/b].

Gee, a political speech full of [i]empty promises[/i]? Who would've expected [i]that[/i] from a self-described "agent of change," eh?


Here's Obama's unfiltered speech. Compare the size of "I" to the size of "promise" to get a little bit of perspective on his utter vanity:


Hope this answers your question!

Respectfully yours,
#3 Yishai 04-Sep-2008
Awesome, thanks!
#4 captainfish 04-Sep-2008
You mean Republicans talked more about America, people, and country compared to the Democrats talking about Obama, Obama, Barack, Promise, Hope, Promise, Barack, and then JOHN!. hehhee

If you don't like your candidate talking positively about America, what we are good at, and who the best of America are.... then you are living in the wrong country. Get out now before you screw this country up too like you did USSR.
#5 Cletus 04-Sep-2008
McCain's almost done you gunna do him too?
#6 Brian C. Ledbetter 05-Sep-2008
The same treatment: McCain's Acceptance Speech.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
#7 iamnot 05-Sep-2008
You've done Obama's with a black background and the rest with white.
You're obviously a closet racist.

#8 Brian C. Ledbetter 05-Sep-2008
Oh noes! They're on to me!


Thanks for the laugh, I.A.N.!

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