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Slow and Cautioned Analysis at the New York Times

As told by my friends over at Jules Crittenden's paper:

When the story first broke that Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards had cheated on his cancer-stricken wife and sired a baby with a bimbo on his campaign payroll [Ed.:—... not to mention using said campaign funds to PAY OFF said "bimbo"], The New York Times [NYT] refused to run it.

But when the news hit that not the president, not the vice president but the daughter of the vice-presidential nominee is pregnant, the Times ran five—count ’em, five—stories about it. In one day.


Jules, you need to make sure that Michael Graham gets a big bonus this year.



#1 MarsCitizen 04-Sep-2008
A refreshing voice comes from The Telegraph. While most of the European press speak about Sarah Palin with contempt, liberal journalist Janet Daley defends her and compares her to Margaret Thatcher:
#2 captainfish 04-Sep-2008
Yeah, I have heard the Margaret Thatcher-like comment. And, I am sort of leaning that way. However, I think her actions over the next 4 years will determine that.

We all thought that Pres Bush was going to be a strong conservative. but he turned out to be a weak moderate.

However, I put slim stock on what non-Americans say about our candidates and our political process. IF they can't fix their own mess, then lay o ff of ours.

Read another article about the Times editor. He said the reason why he did not cover the Edwards story was due to budgetary reasons. But, like as has been pointed out, they waited over a year for the Rev Wright and Edwards love child reporting. But they wait less than a week and they SLAM Gov Palin over blogged rumors?
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