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RNC Busts Through Copyrights at a Mile a Minute!

When I heard Heart's classic song Barracuda at the convention last night, I got a nice, ironic tear in my eye. Because, you know, that's what Sarah Palin is called up in Alaska.

Being the copyright maverick that I am, that tear soon changed to tears of mirth, now that I discover that the ladies of Heart didn't really appreciate the gesture. (h/t Allah)

It's funny in the same way that Rush Limbaugh's theme song is—Leftist artists definitely make for funnier Republican sounders.

Anyway, I'm sure the good news in all of this is that the RNC has already budgeted for the copyright complaint ahead of time, and the whole matter will be settled in due haste.

After all, we don't want the court jesters going unpaid, now do we?


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For the record: Since there seems to be a densoid or so out there, let me spell this out very clearly: I am not condoning copyright violations or other intellectual property theft here. I'm of the opinion that it's always a good idea to properly secure the rights to the work before using it, including paying any fees for the usage thereof, rather than "assuming" that it can be paid out in settlement afterwards. I just find the whole situation to be funny, given my personal experience in this type of thing.

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#1 DA 05-Sep-2008
Did you notice that BONTO came on stage to BONO? U2's City of Blinding lights intro was used when BONTO came on stage at Mile High Stadium. Think they secured the rights? The DEMS in CO / Denver have long been using U2 songs for rally events. Last election it was "Beautiful Day". As a lone conservative in the media business, covering the DNC last week was painful. I've showered many times since the convention, but still feel dirty....

DA in Denver
#2 BeldarBlog 05-Sep-2008
As I type this, the sound system from the GOP convention floor is cranked up all the way, playing Heart's galloping mega-hit from 1977 (my college graduation year, yay!) — Barracuda. All of the GOP delegates are transported with enthusiasm. This is classic rock and roll, but this is not your daddy's Republican Party. They're singing along with the Wilson
#3 Mongol 05-Sep-2008
So let me get this straight... If I buy a CD and decide to play it at a party, the artist can send me a c&d letter? Now possibly I am simply unaware of the copyright provitions for public events, but still this sounds a lot like something you hear from a little child filing complaint against its sibling "Mom she looked at me!"
#4 Beldar 05-Sep-2008
Thanks for alerting me to this through your trackback (which, unfortunately, I accidentally deleted before I'd realized what it was about; please feel free to re-send).

IMHO the fat, old, cranky Wilson sisters have long since waived their rights by failing to object to the dozens upon dozens of YouTube videos of this and other of their songs/videos, most of which have been running for months and months. Moreover, the irony is that *SARAH PALIN's popularity* will doubtless result in a huge surge in their current sales. Morally and equitably, they ought to be sharing royalties with her!
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