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Stay Classy, the Left [Updated]

Augh: This might not be as photoshopped as I thought.

Could it be that we've got a "creative" photographer out there, instead?

They don't call me Brian "Rush to Press" L. for nothing. ;)

Original, Wildly Inaccurate Posting

Ah, the joys of modern technology, combined with my own short attention span.

Rooster just sent me this photo, which he says he's received via e-mail from two people today. Notice that the lighting on John McCain and the podium matches pretty well (blueish tint on the left), but the lighting on Sarah Palin and her daughter Piper is different.

This is a very naughty Photoshop.

I'm scouring the wires for the source of this photo. Will report back shortly.

Thanks to Lorie Byrd for the correction. I was thinking "Piper," but somehow managed to type "Trig." I do know the difference between the two, honest!



#1 Yishai 05-Sep-2008
I'm not convinced it's a Photoshop. There is a blueish tint on the back of Piper's hair. There is also a blue hue in Sarah's glasses.

I think this is no more than an unfortunate angle which is common in public life when there are hundreds of pictures taken every second. It's what you SAY about those pictures that matters. (We did have some wholesome fun with Bush and the volleyball players didn't we :)
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 05-Sep-2008
Thanks for pointing that out, Yishai! I could've sworn the lighting was "too" different for them to have been on the same stage, but apparently, my "lying eyes" have deceived me.

Apologies, all! At least the egg's on my face, where it belongs.


#3 david 05-Sep-2008
There's no blue tint on Piper's dress.
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 05-Sep-2008

The fact that I have found a second angle of the same shot is pretty conclusive proof that this isn't photoshopped.

#5 Rooster 05-Sep-2008
Rooster: you saying that isn't photoshopped?
Rooster: or is?
Brian: IT IS
Brian: 1000%
Rooster: how sure are you?
Brian: 1000%
Rooster: research it
Rooster: because i remember this scene
#6 Rooster 05-Sep-2008
#7 Yishai 05-Sep-2008
c'mon guys, give Brain a break. That's the beauty of blogs - you throw something out there you thought was right, you get corrected by your tens of readers, then admit a mistake and move on. As apposed to some MSM memes I know of...
#8 Brian C. Ledbetter 05-Sep-2008
Haha! Thanks for the support there, Roost. ;)

#9 captainfish 05-Sep-2008
tens of readers. hahahahahahahaha


Brian... 3 for 8. way to go.

#10 Brian C. Ledbetter 05-Sep-2008

I forgot to add: When I make a mistake (which happens pretty often—I've never claimed to be an award-winning journalist), my correction gets the same FRONT PAGE COVERAGE as the original story. I don't bury it on page H93 of the Sunday paper.


#11 Cletus 05-Sep-2008
Even if it isn't fake, It's pretty clear that it was set up like that. And even it if [i]wasn't[/i] set up like that, it's not like the editors or whoev didn't notice the suggestive posing.
#12 captainfish 05-Sep-2008
Too true Cletus. Wouldn't happen with Pres Clinton unless he wanted it to be posed that way. (re: cover mag)
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