The Ghost of Snapped Shot

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Another Takedown of Reuters Personnel?

Word has it that yet another camerman for the British network has been arrested by American and Iraqi forces, mere days after Ibrahim Jassam Mohammed.

I haven't heard anything from Coalition yet over these arrests, but I'm sure I know somebody who can get to the bottom of this.



#1 captainfish 05-Sep-2008
OH, don't they look so happy, free, and innocent.

Awww, shucks. They couldn't have done anything wrong. They don't "look" enemy'ish.

Let's just understand them. Let's just listen to their concerns. I am sure that we can come to an understanding about what we need to change in order to make them happy, comfortable and free to express their own beliefs.

If we allow them to speak freely and not feel oppressed, then they will love us.
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