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Kiss You Dog And Say Good-Bye To Your Kids


Why should we now be worrying about possible causes of Armageddon? The answer is a gargantuan machine - the largest, most expensive scientific experiment in history, the 'Large Hadron Collider', to be turned on next Wednesday.

This gigantic £4 billion-plus atom-smasher has been built under the Swiss-French border near Geneva, and is the most powerful device ever built for probing the secrets of the atom and the forces and particles which make up our Universe.

The LHC is, arguably, the most impressive machine ever built by Mankind. But a few people are convinced that it should never be turned on. A lawsuit has been lodged at the European Court For Human Rights by a small group of maverick scientists [Ed: i.e. Global Warming Scientists].

They claim there is a small - but not zero - chance that when the LHC is activated it will create either a mini-black hole which would fall into the ground and swallow the Earth from within. Or, even more bizarrely, trigger a catastrophic chain reaction in the very fabric of space and time itself, which would rip apart the entire universe like the skin of a bursting balloon. The LHC was not designed to destroy the universe, of course,

Of course, it was not DESIGNED to destroy the Universe.



#1 Cletus 05-Sep-2008
Well without earth there is no islam and there is no socialism, so this could be a good thing
#2 DMartyr 06-Sep-2008
So, does this mean I don't have to go to work on Wednesday?

Seriously, I *can't* die this week - I'm getting DirectTV on Monday!
#3 Kevin 06-Sep-2008
Is this just another of my dog's attempts to get me to kiss her? I already told her I didn't like her that way.
#4 captainfish 06-Sep-2008
Cletus: That may be true, but the remaining chunks of Earth will be taken over by Somalian Pirates.

DMartyr: I am praying for the end, or else I am gonna have to pay DirecTV's $200 cancellation fee.

Kevin: To each his own bud. But, am sure your dog will be hugely jealous and spiteful towards you afterwards. Think of this, you are going to need something warm to snuggle up against on the Somalian Earth Islands after Wednesday.
#5 Mongol 08-Sep-2008
All your horses are belong to me...
On a more serious note according to the article, there will be no side affects for four years, which places us in 2012 - the end of Mayan calendar. (supposedly end of the world).

On a positive note, I don't really think that is in accord with Biblical end of the world, but I could be mistaken, prophesies are hard to interpret.
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