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Female Killed AFter Seeking Divorce

After reading my title, what are you thinking? I bet you are thinking that the a woman was killed in a freak accident just after leaving the courthouse where she filed the papers to seek a divorce decree. Pretty close?

You couldn't be farther from the truth. DMartyr, I know this story will really tick you off.

First off, this story comes from our allies in Pakistan. Bet you are getting a clearer picture now, huh? Second, there is a good reason that the Taliban is able to hide in Pakistan. Click below the fold to find out the whole story. You will be sickened worse than having to listen to Sen Biden speak again. It's people like this:

...a girl forced into marriage with a 45-year-old man at the age of 9 had been killed by her parents because she asked for an annulment. The girl, [now]17, who had been fighting a lonely but successful legal battle, was coming out of court in the Punjabi city of Sahiwal after being granted the annulment by a judge when she was surrounded by a group of men [reportedly sent by her parents] and shot in view of police.

The Baluchistan case was worsened by an attempt by a member of the country's national parliament, senator Israr Ullah Zehri, to defend it, telling colleagues that "these are centuries-old traditions and I will continue to defend them", The Weekend Australian reports.

And, yes, it does get worse than this. From the same country comes this love story:
...three girls -- aged between 16 and 18 - and two of their elderly relatives were "shot at" [Ed: AND HIT] before being buried alive.

"The crying girls were pushed into official cars and driven to a deserted area. There they were pushed out of the cars, made to stand in a queue, and volleys of shots fired at them. As the bleeding girls fell to the sand, the tribesmen dragged them into a nearby ditch and levelled it with earth and stones.

"As the two shocked elderly women tried to rescue the hapless girls, they too were gunned down and buried in the same manner.

And yes, they were cheered as heroes returning from battle. I am at a complete loss of words. Well, at least the government will aggressively and openly go after these murderers. Right?

Yesterday, the Government bowed to pressure and ordered an inquiry into the killings. .

Yeah, didn't think so. It bowed to pressure TO investigate these murders else they would not have blinked an eye about this slaughter. Am not thinking they will eagerly investigate as they, like the cops in N. Mexico, will be the next targets.

And of course, this sort of thing happens in other glamorous places as well. H/T to Elder on this linkage.

Hussein Mustafa Kaware’, 67, from Jourat al-Lout area in the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Yunis, went to a police station in the town and confessed murdering his 24-year-old daughter, Hala, and burying her in land belonging to the family.

28 PalArab women were killed in "honor killings" last year - but a strange detail just emerged. According to the UN, Halas had been caught with a suicide bomb belt two weeks earlier. Hamas caught her and jailed her until August 30th, and when they released her she was murdered immediately by her family.

It would seem, as Elder nicely surmises, that she was forced to commit suicide by explosive belt. She failed. Thus, the family murdered her for it.

Ahhh... The Religion of Peace and Love. Can't you just see them upholding that tradition? Can't you just see them going out of their way to convince us?

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