The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.



If only I weren't stuck behind a desk. I totally wish I could be at Van Dyke Park right now.

Fox News has the live feed over yonder. Best of luck getting it to work!

Update: Fred!'s done. Masterful speech, once again. And now, we're hearing music and waiting for someone else to hit the stage.

Update: The candidates and their spouses hit the stage. My eardrums exploded from the levels on that announcer's voice, incidentally.



#1 Rebecca 10-Sep-2008
Sarah Palin was in my backyard the day after the convention, and I couldn't get there to see her. So frustrating.

But... this is the first time that I've ever wanted to see a candidate so much that I was actually disappointed to miss out. Usually I'm happy to wait for the video/transcript to see what happened. This is about being part of the excitement of the crowd.

I'd feel almost as thrilled if Fred came this way too, as my husband and I were both avid Fredheads.
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