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Iowa AgriProcessors Illegal Worker Raid Update

With a Hat Tip to a great American, Digger, over at Digger's Realm, comes an update on the legal progress that came out of the raid of the AgriProcessors plant in Iowa by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

Agriprocessors - 9,000 Child Labor Violations Says Iowa Attorney General
By Digger

Agriprocessors Inc., the Postville, Iowa "kosher" meatpacking plant raided in May 2008 by ICE, has been charged with over 9,000 child labor law violations by the Iowa Attorney General. The charges were filed today.

If ever there was a case to throw some owners in jail for a long time this is the one. Not only did this company knowingly import and hire illegal aliens, they knowingly hired minors and put them in unsafe situations according to the charges filed by the Iowa Attorney General.

I agree. This is probably the best shot at sending someone to jail. If they don't, then what are laws for?



#1 Rebecca 11-Sep-2008
This is the best illustration I've yet seen of the danger we court when we enforce laws selectively. Whenever we hear someone trying to persuade us with an appeal to our better natures to turn a blind eye toward immigration laws, we have to wonder what other violations they're trying to hide behind that screen of compassion and hopey changiness.
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