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The Associated Press Associates with Donkeys

You know, I think my mortal enemies may have missed the memo that one would be better off sourcing an "impartial" story with more than one partisan hack.

A former John Kerry campaign manager, no less:

The part the AP leaves WHO out is the source of the story who claims Minoritites will be blocked from voting for Obama...She attempts to conjur up pre-Civil Rights era feelings and sympathy for the Liberal, handout crowd.

The source is Lara Lakes Jordan the "wife of veteran Democratic Party operative Jim Jordan, the former executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and manager of Sen. John Kerry's presidential bid."


AP continues its Leftist activism disguised as news reporting.

My biggest question is where is AP/Lara Lakes Jordan's expose' on ACORN's voter FRAUD? Hitting too close to home for the candidate she supports?

Question: Can a news organization be any more insulated?



#1 captainfish 09-Sep-2008
insulated? Or partisan hacks themselves.

[i]The Justice Department pledged Monday to send election monitors around the country to help ensure access to the polls in November,[/i]

HUH??? Is this Venezuela?? Are we really going to succumb to this? Please, please show me anywhere in the US in recent history that people were prevented from voting during normal operating hours.

The only places that have shown problems were in heavy democrat precincts operated by democrats.

[i]"Historically, minority voters have experienced intimidation in their encounters with law enforcement at the polls," said Clarke, who attended Monday's meeting. "And deploying criminal prosecutors who lie at the heart of law enforcement efforts could discourage them from turning out and participating in November.

"It could be intimidating to minorities and essentially keep them away from the polls," Clarke said.[/i]

yeah, biased much there? Or, is it your own fears that keep YOU from voting? Only felons and those wishing to commit fraud need fear voting, you fool!!
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